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The Tam High Mountain Bike Team depends on parent support.  Below are a number of areas where we could use assistance.  We hope all parents can find something they will enjoy.  You can take on more than one if you like.  No job is too small!  Parent volunteer contact information can be found under the associated athlete's contact information at this link.


Volunteer Coordinator:  The team has many volunteers in several areas.  The head coach needs someone to supervise the efforts of the rest of the volunteers and funnel the information back to the coach on these activities.  Each of the volunteers will be producing reports that have to be fed back to the coach and posted on our Web site when applicable.  Karen Buckley, Parent, took this position.  Please contact Karen if you can help with one of the positions below that is still open.

Carpool Coordinator: The team depends upon parent drivers to get to the races.  To both minimize driving and ensure the entire team has a ride requires a little bit of organization and communication.  The carpool coordinator makes calls and sends out emails to connect drivers with those who need rides.  Allyson Phelps, Parent, took this position.

Lunch after races planner: Taking care of this detail is hugely appreciated when the race is over.  There should be team funds to take care of the expenses, otherwise a collection can be made at the race.  Open Position.

Equipment Manager: The equipment manager should be someone who plans on attending most or all of the races.  This person brings the team tent and tools to races and helps set things up.  Open Position.

Event Planning: A couple of team BBQ's a year bring the team together.  Parks in Mill Valley are possible places.  Open Position.

Fundraiser Organizer: There are many creative ways to raise money -- we are looking for anyone who has ideas, some fund raising energy and a little spare time.  Open Position.

Grant Proposals: Much of our funding could come from public grants.  We are always looking for new public and private grants to help fund the team.  Let us know if you have any ideas.  Open Position.

Sponsorship Liaison: We benefit from various sponsors.  We could use someone who would be willing to help us keep up those relations and/or build new ones.  Open Position.

Uniform Design: Anybody with professional graphic arts experience?  We want to design a team short very soon.  Brice Tuttle has taken this position.

Coach’s Liaison: We could benefit from a parent with coaching experience and some cycling knowledge as a go-between parents and the coach.  Open Position.

Race Promoter Coordinator: The team sometimes obtains free entries into races by volunteering to work with race promoters. We need a parent to help coordinate these outings.  Open Position.

Trail Maintenance Coordinator: The club helps maintain local trails.  We need a parent to help coordinate these outings.  Open Position.

Web Site Author/Maintenance: Keeping our team web site fresh and up to date requires regular maintenance.  The kids enjoy seeing their results and pictures on line.  Any web-savvy parents?  Chris Minick has taken this position.

Team Photographer: In the past we have posted many race pictures on our web site.  Any parents who enjoy action photography?  Digital images preferred, but a digital camera is not required.  Rick Buckley has taken this position.


Send mail to the Head Coach in the Team Roster with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 04/22/12