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Pre-Race Checklist
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Team Jersey


Ferrari and Maserati
of San Francisco

Enter Maserati

Enter Ferrari

Email: Tina Jennings

(Checking this list should be a part of your pre-race ritual.)

USA Cycling Rider/Event Event Release Form (Must be signed by parents and athlete for each race--grab this off the Web site here before each race because parents may not be at the races to sign the required release.)

USA Cycling Membership and License Application - (include check for $30 to USA Cycling--Send to address on form, not to Coach--do this by January 1, 2007) do this once per year, or officials will turn you away at the race.

NorCal League Registration Form. From this Website.  Mandatory for racing!!!

or get it from the League Website at NorCal League Registration Form by completing the anonymous online survey - to be completed by high school students only.

cycling shoes

cycling socks



short sleeve jersey

long sleeve jersey

leg warmers

knee warmers

arm warmers



short finger gloves

long finger gloves

sun block

full water bottles/CamelBak (fill it up at home).  Water bottle fall out of cages in races.  Use CamelBaks!!!

multi-tool (Has the basic allen keys, a screw-driver, and a spoke


chain breaker (donít let a broken chain stop you from finishing the


spare tube and pump (race ready to fix your own flat)

towel (good for getting dressed/undressed discretely and cleaning up


sunglasses (with multiple lenses for different conditions)

energy bars (a couple of spares in case the race is late, longer, or

further from food than expected)

directions to the race (don't assume someone else has them)

Also recommended . . .

toilet paper (You would be surprised how many promoters run out.)

sleeveless undershirt (These can save some skin in a crash.)

TUMS (If you get an unsettled stomach before a race).


Send mail to the Head Coach in the Team Roster with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 03/08/08